Domesday Yews and amazing views

Includes lunch or tea time package.

  • 3 hours
  • Group or bespoke
  • Boxhill & Westhumble Station

Tour Information

Your guide will take you on an enchanting natural history tour taking in all the drama of a temperate forest. You will witness the true grit of ancient Yews (and we mean ancient!) amidst the unfolding tale of the woodland's own pandemic. The walking route reveals the changing river course and you will hear fascinating nuggets about nature in the area. If you want, he can tell you lots of unnecessary but very interesting facts about cow poo as well! Together with a Victorian viaduct, rich local history and a lunch or tea time box in a unique historic building, we think you will come away having caught the spirit of a truly English landscape and lots to fill your imagination with. Please arrive by train at picturesque Boxhill & Westhumble Station. The tour will start and end here. Aimed at walkers age 7+ this is an easy to moderate level with some narrow paths To pay using a gift certificate please email:

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Mickleham Mickleham, UK