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Photo credit: Agata Rerutko

Francesca Simpson

Francesca has covered a range of employment in her career so far. Her most recent role was in managing admissions for a leading independent Senior School in Surrey.  Despite growing competition, increasing complexity in GDPR compliance and constant change within the whole admissions process, pupil numbers increased by 46% over the time she was there.  Francesca took pride in walking parents and children carefully through the application process from a parent’s first contact to the day a wide-eyed child steps through the door for their first day. Good communication, great teamwork, tight deadlines, attention to detail and sound data and reporting were all crucial, but the most rewarding aspect for Francesca was the broad smile and sense of achievement written on a child’s face as they emerged from a test day, often their first time acting independently away from parents.


Launching an IT consultancy with her husband when their children were toddlers was a busy time for Francesca.  It was exciting too as the business amalgamated and grew into an IT start-up which is now an international market research software house.  Francesca enjoyed working with a fellow director on marketing the software.  Her responsibilities lay in design and maintenance of the website, branding, coordinating sales and marketing campaigns, press releases, organising the company’s presence at exhibitions at home and abroad, and applying for UKTI funding for overseas expansion.

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