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Just Bring Yourself is a not-for-profit venture in sustainable tourism.  The first step is to reduce our individual impact on this beautiful environment and we want to help visitors do just that by providing a way for them to leave their vehicles at home along with food and packaging ... and just bring themselves.  Visitors will have a great day out and at the same time be positively aware of their role in solving the misuse of global resources linked to climate change.

Transport - Getting Here

Our bottom line starts with the train.  We are in discussion with Community Partnership Rail Enterprises to identify discounted prices to encourage people out of their cars and down to their nearest station where they can make the trip to one of the stations local to Box Hill.  Working collaboratively with local agencies and organisations we aim to facilitate meet and greet shuttles using green energy powered vehicles where possible.  The shuttles will be on hand during the day to take visitors to and from the station to various walking and tour destinations.  Integrated travel provides a means of cutting down the number of cars thus relieving road and car park use.

Tours, guides and grub

A ticket purchased on-line will include a meet and greet at the station.  Each person will receive a branded rucksack containing a delicious locally made lunch.  Allergies are catered for and visitors will have ordered the appropriate lunch on-line. Food items will be in recyclable wrapping.  We will usher visitors on to the shuttle service and drive them to one of the many delightful spots that make up the Box Hill area.  Guides will be on hand at the destination to provide information and tours.  During the day our shuttle services will be available at advertised times to pick up visitors and take them on to different locations or back to the station, especially when the children are getting tired.

Visitors will leave their rucksacks with us on their return run to the station and we will take care of recycling all the food containers and leftovers.  Visitors will, through a light touch of education in environmental issues, see their role in caring for the environment.

Hopefully we will see many happy faces saying goodbye after a day of fun and exploration, taking nothing away from the environment they've enjoyed but having experienced all the benefits of a great day out in the Surrey Hills.

And the best bit is that all they did was ... to bring themselves.
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